Thursday, January 3, 2013


Do I dare even post something on this neglected little blog?  YES!  I think this is the year that I actually try to take time out for myself and do some of the arty-crafty things I've been surfing and Pinteresting about for the whole year!
  I did end up taking the 21 Secrets  online course that ran from April through December of 2012.  I enjoyed most of the workshops, although some were not as beneficial as others.  There will be a new one for 2013, but I haven't decided if I will take it this year.  Only time will tell.
  I have found this little gem of a magazine, Cloth, Paper, Scissors, over the holiday break.  I purchased digital issues from past years, since it's all new to me.  There are many good ideas in the magazines.  I chose to put them in my Evernote account so I can look at them in my iPad.  (I highly recommend Evernote!)
  Well, this is the start of a new year.  I hope to  make this a blog to highlight what I've been working on.  Happy New Year!

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