Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mixed Media Cell Phone Cover

I'm very pleased to announce and show my first attempt at mixed media "stuff."  I've been looking at other people's fabulous things, watching videos, reading magazines, and generally learning from others.  So, without further delay, here is my mixed media item-a cell phone cover.
Cell phone cover
Here's how I made it.  I used heavy watercolor paper for the cover.  I painted it with acrylic paint and added torn text.  After adding the text, I used bubble-wrap to paint dots, added torn paper from my stash, and added gold and red acrylics.  Then I glued on the patterned-paper flower parts. 
Paper flower
   Before looking at blogs to learn more about mixed media and art journaling, I would have stopped here.  Now I know that adding a little outlining and doodling is a good thing!

Cell Phone Cover
Thanks for looking at my first mixed-media work.  I hope to do more, since it's so much fun.

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