Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mixed Media Cell Phone Cover 3

I hope you don't get tired of looking at my cell phone covers!  I'm hooked.  I did find a home for the Southwest cell phone cover, which makes me happy.  Today's entry is another flower.  Here's how it all started.  First, I traced  the camera hole on the wrong side-it needs to go on the left.  Learn from my mistakes, people!  I had some paper for texture and a little bit of modeling paste for more texture.  You can see it in the blue section.

This is how the finished cover turned out.  I wrote "explore" beside the stem and added a tiny button, too.  I know what you're wondering-where's the blue?  I have no idea.  It just evolved into something else.  What can I tell you?   But there you have it.  I have one more cover that's ready for a design, so that may be coming later this week.   But tonight I have make a Valentine for my  college boy so far away, so that's up first!

Your fortune for this fine Sunday is "You will receive some high prize or award."  Hey, who knows, tomorrow may be your lucky day.  

Thanks for looking!

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